Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing


Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular ways to make money online.   It is marketing or promoting products of other companies through online. So In this affiliate marketing process, you are the sales executive or publisher.  If products are sold or purchased by customers, you will get commission from companies.  best Examples of affiliate marketing are Amazon and Flipkart and Snapdeal and etc..

Affiliate marketing is so popular because.. 

  • There are over 3 billion internet users online
  • As internet is available to more and more people, they are preferring online shopping. Internet has become an instrument to associate with consumers and their cash.
  • Affiliate marketing is more cost effective and efficient, because the cost of products are low and offers discounts in online.

If you are serious about earning money online and you are a hard worker who wants to make income then affiliate marketing is for you. Affiliate marketing has enormous future due to the high development of online or web based shopping. There are many online dealers like flipkart, snapdeal, Amazon, eBay where you can  promote their products and earn commission. In affiliate marketing, you are simply helping the customers to buy the right product by creating a simple website. So that in return you can earn money 4% to 20% as commission on the product.

The main Benefits or advantages of Affiliate marketing:

  • Low starting Price – if you want to start building an affiliate program it is not too much cost because many affiliate companies offer affiliate software with low cost.
  • Do not Pay for Ads that Don’t Work – you do not need to pay for any ads . you pay to your affiliate only when product is successfully sold.  So money is never wasted for ads in affiliate marketing.
  • Increase Site traffic – The ads where your affiliate displays on their sites will bring  new visitors to your project that means you can get additional traffic from visitors through ads.
  • No Need to Employ Huge Sales Staff – You do not need to pay money to employees  even when sales are not increased and employees are few. you just pay only when sales are successfully paid. So that money is saved in sales department.
  • You can control the whole affiliate program as you are allowed to fix commission rates, you can provide links and banners, you can control each and every element of your affiliate program including payment s to your affiliates.
  • Getting more number of customers – Chances of finding more number of customers for through affiliates and affiliate marketing model as different affiliates will have  different marketing strategies and ideas to reach maximum number of customers
  • You can get better page ranking of your website as your affiliates can provide quality inbound links

To become successful in affiliate marketing there are some things you need to follow before you jump into any of the programs. I will try to list a few things you can follow before signing up as an affiliate program, to avoid frustrations as you go along your affiliate marketing career.

The Do’s of Affiliate Marketing

  • The first thing is to ready to work hard, adjust and invest your time. Writing quality contents on products are a big boost to your affiliate business.
  • affiliate marketing is a system that allows you to be open with everyone and anyone especially if you are about to convince someone to buy a product. So you should add humor to your marketing system and try to be as easy going with your customers as possible.
  • when picking a product it is advisable to do more research on that product before you start promoting it as an affiliate.
  • before joining an affiliate program, you can ask the company for information on how they treat their affiliate marketers. Ask for information regarding their payments standards.
  • SEO is a top priority for your site that has affiliate products. the more people you get to see what you have to offer as a solution to their needs, the better your chances of maximizing or increasing your profit margin to a higher status.
  • creating or building a good marketing strategy is a big bonus when it comes to affiliate marketing. There is a saying that goes ” when you fail to plan, you plan to fail”.
  • You can also earn  few amount, For example $400 a month and start over with another site. Imagine building 5 sites, all bringing in $400 or more per month. It’s possible, but not as easy as it first seems. Outsource everything. Make 10,20,30 websites. There are people  who have more than 200 websites.  Everything is Outsource.
  • Build your site and post quality content on it regularly. Focus on creating a quality web site or service that people need and where you are looking at the long-term business model. This works whether you take in affiliate marketing or not.

The Don’ts of Affiliate marketing

  • Don’t be Spam. Going up to sites like fake or twitter and posting just links to the products you are promoting without adding eye catching contents is considered as spamming. This is not good for you as an affiliate marketer.
  • Forcing people to buy the products you are promoting is considered as a breach in you affiliate program agreement in whatever company you are advertising for. This could lead to you getting banned from most affiliate programs.
  • Money won’t roll in by just building a website , including  affiliate product links and sitting idle.
  • If you are looking to ” get rich quick”, It’s not going to happen, so give up now. There is no quick route to wealth. Affiliate marketing is a business model. Just as with any other business, it takes time to build. You stick with it and treat it as business so you can have nice income . But it won’t happen overnight. Overnight successes are very rare.
  • Placing one or two links and waiting, is not going to make money rich

With this little information I hope you now see that affiliate marketing is not something you just jump into, register on any sites and starting posting links anywhere you like. Every business on the internet has its dos and don’ts, be sure to read about before you start up anyone.

Here i am providing a few Affiliate links which provides affiliate programs, training and tips…. Go through them and start your career as affiliate marketer.

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