Tattoo Tips

this is all about tattoo tips


Tattoos in history

  • Tattoos are 5000 years old originally from Eurasia
  • Otzi the Ice Man is a Bronze Age mummy found in ice with tattoos on his legs.
  • In ancient Egypt only female priestesses had tattoos. They were mainly patterns of dots and lines.
  • Pacific Island tattoos are the most intricate and represent the person’s spirit or life force.
  • By the 1800’s tattoos were very popular with sailors. It was important to sailors to look different from normal people.
  • Tattoo design taken from the skin of an 18th century sailor.

Do you know how tattoos are made?

  • First go to a tattoo studio with a good tattoo artist.
  • Choose a design from the artist’s catalogue (a special book of designs)
  • or tell the artists what you want and ask her to design something new.
  • Your design is printed on special stencil paper.
  • Your skin is sterilized to kill all the germs.
  • The stencil is put on the skin and when it is pulled off an outline stays on your skin.
  • The tattoo artist uses a special outlining needle to trace the outline left by the stencil on your skin.
  • The needle puts ink in the second layer of skin called the dermis
  • A different needle is used to fill in the outline with shading or colour.
  • Sometimes this takes more than one day.
  • The tattoo must be bandaged for a few days so it won’t get infected.


How long does it take?

  • Small tattoos = 1 to 2 hours
  • Large tattoos – 8 to 9 hours
  • Very large tattoos = 24 hours!!

Why do people get tattoos?

  • To show others what they believe in.
  • To remember an important event like the birth of a child or falling in love.
  • To look cool or fashionable
  • For religious reasons.

Some of the real Facts about tattoo

  • You have to be 18 to get a tattoo.
  • Tattoos are permanent so you should be very careful making your decision.
  • It can be a little painful.
  • Americans spend $10 billion a year on tattoos.