Weight Loss Exercise

This page is all about weight loss exercises

“An investment in fitness pays the best return”

Many people search for gyms to lose weight  and  some people try lose weight on their own in house.

Let’s take the first one. few things should be  considered when joining a gym.

Do you really need to join a gym ? Ask yourself this question before you even join gym. There are certain benefits to the gym membership, but if you love exercising outdoors, your office or apartment building has a fitness center, or you are just as happy working out at home, joining a gym might be a waste of money sometimes.

  • List the “Fitness goals”: Before joining gym, List out your requirements means do you want to lose weight or do you want to be fit or do you want to get muscle power and do you want to lose belly fat or something. SO List out first your requirements
  • Enquiry : Finding gym is very important. SO Enquire about gym by asking your friends or neighbors who are going to gym and also search online and finding the reviews of that gym.
  • Location:  Find a gym near to home or office. Most people are joining gym long away from the house or office. But gym ideally should be no longer than a 10-minute walk or drive from either your office or your home.
  • Environment: Gyms are germ factories because of sweating, and keeping things clean. While you are visiting, observe whether there is a strict policy of cleaning and maintenance everything after use (gym equipment and weights especially). If not, do not choose that gym. it will affect on your health.  and also identify the proper fitness trainer is there in the gym or not.
  • Take a Test: After finding the gym near to home or office, try a fee trail so that you may understand gym and useful for longer term or short term contracts.
  • Agreement/ Cost: Once you have found your perfect gym (and tried at least one free trial there), it pays to remember a few key things before sign, For Example is that offer any discounts or benefits or any packages etc.


Today gyms are so expensive for middle class people and besides on that, there is no time to the people to go to gym due to jobs with night shifts and especially for ladies who manages both family and job. Home is the best option for them to lose weight and to get fitness.

The main benefit is you need not to spend lot of Money on gym. and the second one is Time, you have to save lot of time by not going to gym and also you need not to ready to go to gym. and Convince, it is very comfortable for you to take exercise in home and no one is around you. You have to take regular exercise to lose weight.

Diet: It is very important and should be followed to lose weight. if you take exercise without proper diet it is useless even you go to Gym. It is separate topic if you want to know more about this…………. weight loss diet