Best Aquaguard Water Purifier Under 10000

[Top 5] Best Aquaguard Water Purifier Under 10000

Do you want to replace your old water purifiers with a new one? But you are concerned about expenses?

Unfortunately, due to increasing living costs, it has become challenging to maintain a standard of living. We all know how expensive these water cleaners can be, don’t worry, you can get the Best aquaguard water purifier under 10000. 

Water purifiers, or you may also call them “aquaguard,” are a blessing for all the people on the earth. The water filter cleans all the impurities present in the water and makes it safe to drink and for household purposes.

Additionally, cleaners are designed to add minerals, give out pure water, and improve water taste. They also come with various other features to make your drinking water safe and keep you away from harmful chemicals. 

If you want to save your money and enjoy an excellent brand, then make sure you read the guide carefully. Then, in your Budget and preferences, we will help you pick the Best aquaguard water purifier under 10000.

So, by not wasting more time, let’s look at those cleaners that will make water free from impurities.

1. Eureka Forbes Aquasure from Aquaguard AmazeĀ 


One of the best things about this water purifier is that it is a budget-friendly product by Eureka Forbes. The UV-C Purification technology ensures that the water from Aquaguard Amaze RO+UV+MTDS 7L is as safe as boiled water.

The cleaner comes with the MTDS to adjust the taste of the water. Well, it depends on the source of the water coming from. The purifier is convenient as you can keep it on the counter or hang it on the wall. 

The aqua guards are available with this fantastic feature of saving water as this quality is not available in Ordinary purifiers.

Eureka Forbes Aquasure from Aquaguard Amaze RO+UV+MTDS 7L is the Best aquaguard water purifier under 10000. The company provides one year warranty on this particular piece.

When the water pressure is less, you will need a booster pump to make the purifier function properly. Also, if you need services, technicians will charge an additional amount.


  • Uses Multiple Stage Purification Of RO+UV+MTDS
  • Purifies Water Smartly With An LED Alert
  • Cartridge Can Be Used For a Long Time
  • Great Storage Capacity
  • Design Is Very Compact And Sleek
  • Water And Energy Saving Technology
  • Installation Is Easy


  • Taste Adjuster Depends On Water Source
  • Set Up Is Complicated And Requires Professional Help

2. Eureka Forbes Aquasure from Aquaguard Delight 


The aquaguard delight RO+UV+MTD is perfect for environment lovers, as it is available with a large water-saving tank. It can save up to 60 percent more water than an ordinary water purifier.

The storage capacity of the purifier is about 7 liters and requires 230 watts of electricity. The material of the tank is made up of Food plastic grade, for which it is the Best aquaguard water purifier under 10000.

So you go for the Best aquaguard under 10000 with advanced and exciting features available in Aquaguard Delight RO+UV+MTDS. 

Do you know? Its 6-stage purification technology makes it more advanced than other aqua guards. The purifier has a brilliant LED light that indicates purification and whether power is on or off.

The water-saving feature removes about 650 ml of water so that that water can be used in cleaning and washing. Eureka Forbes provides one year warranty to their users and additional charges for its technician services.


  • Water Purifies By Passing Through 6 Layers
  • Cartridges Are Used For a Long Time
  • Smart Indicators Show On, Off, And Full Tank Alerts 
  •  Water Storage Tank Is Very Large
  • Energy Saving Mode Is Available 
  • Fits In Areas Because Of Compact Designs
  • Either Mount-It Or Keep It On A Table Counter


  • Requires Booster Pump To Make It Function Properly
  • It has An External Power Adapter

3. Sure From Aquaguard Delight NXT RO+UV E-Boiling+MTDS Water Purifier 

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The water purifier Delight NXT RO+UV E-Boiling+MTDS is available as the Best aquaguard water purifier under 10000 with advanced and impressive technology.

The RO purifies water after passing it through 7 stages and stores 6 liters of water. This purification technology is so advanced that it removes harmful chemicals, bacteria, and cysts from the water.

In addition, the UV e boiling points make the water safe and as pure as boiled for 20 minutes. 

The purifier is easy to install and keep because of its compact and sleek design and does not require more space. The aquaguard also has water-saving technology and saves about 60% of water.

Storage capacity is high and has a transparent storage tank to check the water level quickly. One can dispense the water without electrical energy, the Best aquaguard ro under 10000. RO feature reduces the TDS hardness of water and adds more minerals with purity.


  • Multiple Stage Cleaning Water With 7 Layers
  • Suitable With All Kinds Of Water Sources
  • Premium And Superior Style That Goes With Modern Kitchen
  • Compatible With Energy And Water Saving
  • Let Dispense Water Without Electricity
  • Installation Process Is Easier
  • Indicators That Alerts For Service, Electronic Error, And Cartridge Error 


  • Little Expensive In Terms Of Storage 
  • Essential Water Minerals May Reduced

4. Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Deluxe Water Purifier 


Aquaguard Deluxe Water Purifier with Patented Mineral Guard+UV is another Best aquaguard water purifier under 10000.

The purifiers come with mineral guard technology that adds all the essential minerals to the water. In addition, its improved UV e-boiling removes all the harmful chemicals and makes water as safe as boiled water.

The available colors of this aquaguard are classic black and white, which adds an elegant look to your kitchen. 

The product also contains a chemical block in which all the impurities like chlorine and other organic toxins are removed.

Aquaguard Deluxe Water Purifier with Mineral Guard+UV is best for a public place as it dispenses water through pipes.

The best part about this aqua guard water purifier is its low TDS, below 200mg/liter in this Best aquaguard water purifier under 10000.

If you are thinking of buying this excellent product for your office, then you will get a free installation from Eureka Forbes. 


  • Perfect Purifier For Public Areas
  • The Platform Can Hold About 1 Liter Water Bottle
  • Can Dispense Water In Just Single Press
  • It Can Fill A 1 Liter Bottle In 30 Seconds
  • Mineral Guard Technology Retains All The Essential Minerals
  • LED With Smart Alerts
  • Energy Saving Technology


  • It Has No Water Storage Tank
  • Cleaning Is Required Daily

5. Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Marvel Water PurifierĀ 


Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Marvel Water Purifier has all new copper+ UV technology, and you all may know the benefits of copper.

Activated Copper Technology provides water with all the goodness of copper and makes water healthy for you and your family.

In addition, the product holds one year warranty from the manufacturers after the purchase date. The Aquaguard also has the benefits of UV e boiling technology and TDS below 200. 

You need to check the Best aquaguard water purifier under 10000 with the help of a TDS meter. If water purifiers do not function properly, then don’t worry; you will need a booster pump or PVR as its solution.

The capacity to store water is great at 8 liters and needs about 230 watts of power for input. The extra purification step ensures that your water is crystal clear and free from microbial pollution. 


  • Copper Technology Adds More Goodness To Water
  • Mineral Guard Technology Also adds Essentials Minerals 
  • Removes All Viruses And Bacteria To Make Water Crystal Clear
  • Comes With Supply Pipe Attachments 
  • Provides Health Benefits Like Increase Metabolism
  • free installation service provided by the company
  • Can Be Used For Public Area Because Of Large Capacity


  • Size Is Too Big 
  • Water Tank Needs To Be Cleaned

Buying Guide: Best Aquaguard Water Purifier Below 10000?

  • Types Of Water Purifiers

When choosing a water purifier, you need to be sure what type of water purifier you want. However, water purifiers are classified into three types when choosing from the Best aquaguard water purifier under 10000:

UV water purifiers, gravity water purifiers, and RO water purifiers. The purifier does not require electricity and works through a process of pressure filtration called a gravity water purifier.

As the name suggests, UV water purifiers use UV light rays to remove the impurities present in the water. RO water purifier often refers to reverse osmosis and has another advantage of eliminating water hardness.

  • Purifier’s Containing Capacity

Knowing the drinking water requirement for the entire family will help you choose an adequate purification capacity. The requirement will depend on the water consumption of the individuals, so choose accordingly. However, an individual can consume 2 to 4 liters of water in a day. And don’t forget to check the ideal storage capacity of the tank. 

  • Features And Specifications

We mainly aim to choose an appliance with the latest technology so it will work well. Due to the availability of excellent technology, you should choose the one that offers maximum features. The above-mentioned best aquaguard water purifier under 10000 has more functions and up-to-date features to stand out as the best in the market.

  • Cold And Hot Water Option

Advanced and modern water purifiers usually provide hot and cold water immediately after purification. This option is generally offered by quality products available in Best aquaguard below 10000. Not only this, but you can also get more advanced technology in these aqua guards.

  • After-Sale Service

After-sales service, including installation, routine maintenance, and servicing, is an important factor in the case of water purifiers. So, you should choose products that ensure the best customer service after purchasing a purifier.

For example, when you buy an aquaguard water purifier below 10000 from a rewound company, they always offer after-sales services.

  • Cost 

No matter how good the manufacturer’s offering is, don’t forget to make your Budget. For a water purifier, you need to ensure that the product you choose is worth the money you invest.

So if you don’t want to go out of your budget, you can choose the Best aquaguard water purifier under 10000 for your home. 

  • Customers Reviews

The user who has already used the same product for a long time can give a review about the product. So when you are buying purchasing from a water purifier in India under 10000, you must have a look at customers’ reviews. With their final reviews, you can choose the best purifiers yourself.

  • Warranty Of Product

When you choose to buy water purifiers, it is essential to keep looking for the product’s warranty. The Best aquaguard under 10000 comes with a minimum one-year warranty for its users.

If the product has any wear or tear, the service offered by the company in this period is free. 


1. Does RO water harm your health?

No, the RO water is completely safe for you and your family’s health. It is a great option in today’s world. But unfortunately, ROs are bad for health are just a myth. 

2. How much electricity do the purifiers use?

The power and energy depend on the purifiers you purchase. It also depends on how much time you use the purifier. On average, purifying uses about 25 watts of energy.

3. After How Much Time Cartridges Should Be Changed?

A purifier company says that you should change the Cartridges every 7 to 8 months. However, it depends on the quality of purifiers or aquaguard you purchase.

4. Is Aquaguard Safe To Use?

A big yes, the aqua guards are the safest filter nowadays. It is just because of polluted water that is coming to your home. If you don’t drink purified water, it can harm your health.

Wrapping Up

Water purifiers by Eureka Forbes are the Best aquaguard water purifier under 10000. Above all, the products are available at an affordable price and under your Budget. So when you are buying purifiers, you must check the features available on each product before buying it.