Best Electric Water Purifier Under 10000

[Top 5] Best Electric Water Purifier Under 10000

Have you ever considered why water is better than any other drinkable resource? Water is a magical mineral that doesn’t contain calories, fat, vitamins, etc. Being neutral makes it the perfect choice to drink.

It doesn’t matter whether you love drinking mineral or tap water; you are helping your body function adequately. However, there’s a catch in the last sentence. Bottle water and tap water are different in terms of purity. 

The contamination can be harmful. It is obvious to buy the Best electric water purifier under 10000 rupees to eradicate this problem. But the question is, why can’t clean water be supplied to houses? Well, there is no exact answer to this problem.

According to Central Pollution Control Board research, most water habitats in India are contaminated with harmful metals, viruses, and bacteria. Therefore, drinking contaminated water is risky and can cause diseases.

Choosing the Best Electric Water Purifier in India is essential in this situation. Many brands offer water purifiers in India. To help you buy the best one, we made a list of top options you can choose. 

Top 5 Best Electric Water Purifiers Under 10000

To come up with this list, our team talked to people on the forum, consulted experts, tested various products in person, and shortlisted the best ones. You can check our complete reviews that are based on objective parts mostly and pros/cons to find the best electric water purifier in 2022 – 

1. Eureka Forbes Aquasure – Best in Budget Option

Eureka Forbes is an Indian company that started in 1982 and is the most trusted brand among customers. Eureka Forbes Aquasure nailed the first spot based on four essential qualities. 

Design is a subjective art, but the black matte finish with aesthetic design ensures a perfect fit in your kitchen. In addition, the water purifier has a faucet to fill the glass, pitchers, etc., with ease and has excellent usability. 

Amaze series from Aquagaurd uses UV-C water purification technology and HEPA filters to remove contamination. MTDS controller help in naturalizing the taste meanwhile killing bacteria. 

The tank capacity in this water purifier is seven liters. The capacity might seem less, but it is for backup if you have a power surge at home. 

Eureka Forbes has a strong network with top-tier after-sale services to provide an on-site warranty, quick maintenance, and other services. Aquagaurd is also providing one year of warranty. Thus, it is one of the Best electric gravity water purifiers. 


  • Excellent water capacity. 
  • The water feels clean with a natural taste. 
  • Waste less water during purification. 
  • Offers excellent water pressure. 


  • Areas with 500+PPM TDS levels might have to install sediment filters additionally. 

2. V-Guard Zenora Water Purifier – Best in Purification

V-Guard is comparatively a new brand in the water purifier category. However, this brand made highlighted due to its build quality, purification technology, and excellent services. 

Therefore, choosing V-Guard Zenora is an excellent option as it is the best electric gravity water purifier under 10000 rupees. 

This product is modern and offers a perfect blend of compact and aesthetic appearance. In addition, you get a water dispenser liver to have ease while filling up the glass of water. 

In terms of water purification, you can get clean and purified water up to 2000+ppm. That’s a bold claim, but the remarks are believable considering this purifier’s UV, RO, and MB technology. You can expect clean water out of this purifier. This water purifier goes into eight cleaning stages. 

This water purifier also offers a seven-liter capacity to provide clean water during a power surge. However, you can use this purifier without electricity and get clean water out of it every use. 

Lastly, the manufacturer provides one year of comprehensive warranty to ensure a safe purchase. The only issue is the small after-sale services network that doesn’t sound promising in the small towns. 


  • Comes with external filters, and freebies are always appreciated. 
  • Senora uses 8-stage cleaning to provide the best possible taste.
  • LED indicators come in handy and are fast in dispensing water. 
  • The design and looks are outstanding with a premium build quality. 


  • There are no major drawbacks except a less responsive and small after-sale service network. 

3. HUL Pureit Advanced Pro Water Purifier – Top Selling Option

Regarding the selection of a reliable and the best budget electric water purifier in India, Hindustan Unilever seems like an excellent brand. Why? HUL is a prominent experience, a strong network in after-sale services, and phenomenal build quality. 

HUL Pureit Advanced Pro offers a simple design with a faucet to get drinking water easily. People who fill pitchers can find it easy with this faucet. In addition, the manufacturer is offering premium build quality for the price point. 

HUL offers six-stage water purification technology with RO and UV. Undoubtedly RO is an excellent option to get rid of harmful metal particles, whereas UV kills harmful bacteria effectively. Overall, you can expect clean drinking water out of this water purifier. 

Looking at the side aspects, you can find a built-in tank with a similar capacity. The effective cleaning against Ca and Mg makes this product highly appreciable. You can expect ease of use in most cases. 

Food-grade plastic in building the best ranking electric water purifier ensures premium quality. In addition, the manufacturer is backing this product with one year of warranty. 


  • This purifier can reduce TDS by at least 90% of the harmful levels. 
  • Purification speed is quick, providing a glass of water in seconds. 
  • Warranty and after-sale network is appreciable. 
  • Seven-litre tank is perfect even for a large family. 


  • This purifier is slightly expensive, even with similar features to competitors. 

4. KENT Max UV Water Purifier – Best Electric Water Purifier Under 10000

A water purifier that is up to the mark on all the given claims and provides the best value at an affordable price point is KENT Max UV Water Purifier. Kent is a popular brand, and it has a strong selling point in India due to its vast advertisement, wide service network, and history of a quality product. 

Kent offers a unique approach to water purifiers with detachable tanks for easier cleanliness and use. The design is simple and provides clean water using two different technologies, UV and UF, in one place. 

This one is the Best electric water purifier under 10000 cleans water in multiple stages through filters and UV rays. It can easily clean bacteria, viruses, and cysts. 

Considering the same, you can expect better-tasting water without even having an MTDS controller in this model. In addition, you are getting these functions into the affordable price category. So, it is an easy choice. 

Eleven watts might seem low, but it is a high power when it comes to killing bacteria. The UV rays produced by the 11w UV lamp kill most viruses and bacteria. Meanwhile, you are also getting the best after-sale services from Kent. 


  • High-power UV lamps eliminate viruses and bacteria effectively. 
  • Water tastes good after purification, even without an MTDS controller.
  • Pricing is competitive and affordable as compared to other options. 


  • There are some negative reviews from buyers regarding a slow water supply after a few months of use.

5. KENT Supreme Lite – Best in the Category

Once again, Kent is back on the list with their KENT Supreme Lite 2020 model. This brand sells thousands of water purifiers every month, and the key reason is its high credibility compared to the other brands. 

If you are looking for the Best electric water purifier for under 10000, this might not be a product for you. However, this product is an excellent choice if you have a flexible budget. 

This purifier offers an 8-liter capacity, the highest on this list, and provides effective cleaning. How? This purifier uses RO and UF technology. Other features like the TDS controller eradicate bad taste and provide a natural water taste. 

You can find an effective use against brackish, tap water, and municipal water supply. Overall, the features and functionality are good enough to make this purchase. However, in terms of looks, this purifier is completely subjective; some people like the transparent design, whereas some don’t. 

What do you think about this look? Maybe it will depend on other factors also. 


  • Eight-liter capacity is remarkable. 
  • Adjust the TDS level to provide the best possible taste. 
  • It can purify 20-liter water within an hour.
  • Auto-on and off mode are less appreciated, but it is nice. 


  • It costs more than 10,000 rupees, so it might be tough to recommend under a budget. 

8 Key Factors to Consider While Choosing Electric Water Purifier – A Complete Buying Guide

We need to drink water frequently every day. It is essential for our survival; therefore, we must drink pure water free of dirt and germs. There is no shortage of electric water purifiers in the market for purifying the water before drinking. 

However, buying the Best electric water purifier under 10000 can be a hassle due to the many options. Check out the given list before buying a new water purifier – 

  1. Daily Use

Make sure to analyze the daily consumption of water in your family. For example, if you are using the water only for drinking purposes, perhaps the requirement for the amount of water will be lesser. On the contrary, buying a bigger one will be suitable if the consumption is higher and you need a water supply for the whole house.

2. Know Your Budget

Always plan the cost you will incur on an electric water purifier. Then, once you make your budget, you can easily pick up a suitable product according to your financial stability. Also, if you opt for UV-UF electric purifier, perhaps you can easily buy it and the Rs.12000.

3. Purification Process

One of the reliable methods to choose the best electric water purifier under 10000 is to check the purification technology. You can consider purchasing the one with RO technology which means reverse osmosis treatment. It removes the hardness and any elements from the water. On the other hand, you can go with the UV purifier, which kills the germs with ultraviolet rays.

4. Electricity Consumption

Consumption of electricity is also an important consideration to keep in mind. It can change your budget for purchasing an Electric water purifier. If the electricity consumption is high, you will pay huge electricity bills that are not suitable for everyone.

5. Maintenance Cost

Every type of water purifier will require regular maintenance and services after 3 to 4 months. The cost can range from Rs.2000-Rs.5000 annually; therefore, make sure to purchase the one according to your pocket.

6. Only Buy Registered Products

Many companies in the market can offer you cheap and low-quality electric water purifiers, but they may not provide you with the best quality water. Therefore, raising your budget and purchasing the Best electric water purifier for under 10000 from the market will be better. It will ensure that you get the best quality water supply at your home.

7. Body

Design and looks are also quite crucial for purchasing an electric water purifier. So go with the one which looks perfect in your kitchen. Also, it is an investment for almost 8 to 10 years, and the place you are going to keep it must also be sufficient according to the purifier.

8. Contamination

Different elements like bacteria, pesticides, and nitrates can affect your family’s health. If there is a high amount of salt in the water supply in your area, you must purchase a UV-based RO electric water purifier. The ultraviolet radiation kills the germs, and then the reverse osmosis membrane removes the dead germs and makes the water suitable for drinking.


Buying the Best electric water purifier under 10000 ensures the well-being of your family. Thus, making a wise and well-educated decision is crucial. Always consider all the essential elements of purifiers and compare different products to pick the perfect one. 

At the same time, you can look closely at our recommendation and sort out the right one based on your needs.