Best electric wire for home in India

[Top 5] Best electric wire for home in India: Expert Guide

India has become a developing country across the world through the process of growing urbanization. The whole process is mainly engaged in industrial, infrastructural and economic development. Even though electricity plays an important role in state-of-the-art infrastructure, most parts of India still do not have a good power supply. 

Where power supply is available, proper arrangement of electrical wiring is required. Electric wires are one of the important things of routine life, ranging from operating appliances to bulbs, lights, TVs, and more, thereby fulfilling your basic needs. 

Since so many options are available in the market, it is hard to guess what is the Best electric wire for home in India. If you are planning to renovate your traditional built house space or move to a new one, check that there is a complete connection with the best electrical wiring around. To make your wiring selection less daunting, we have compiled a list that includes the best quality electric wire for house in India.

Top 5 best cables for house wiring in india

We have done thorough research before compiling the list below. Researches rely on genuine reviews and ratings and ensure us that listed products are the right blend of quality, performance and durability. If you are curious to know about the Best electric wire for home in India and their respective pros and cons, check out the information below:

1. Havells Lifeline Cable WHFFDNRA 12X5 2.5 sq mm Wire

Havells is a renowned brand offering varieties of an appliance, ranging from fans to lights, wires, and much more. This red coloured wire is ideal for power supply to all power-operated appliances, such as Lights, Fans, TV, etc

This 90-meter wire has heat resistant capabilities as well as flame retardant properties, which means they are appropriate to tolerate a heat up to 85 degrees C, while other wires available in the market just bear a temperature up to 70 degrees C. 

Since it meets international safety standards, has been certified by CPRI, and is equipped with S3 technology, this wire is considered the Best electric wire for home in India. In addition, it includes insulation, which ensures that power leakage levels are as low as 0.01 mA.


  • This wire is best in terms of both strands and casing. 
  • Available in five different sizes, including 0.75 sq mm, 1 sq mm, 2.5 sq mm, 4 sq mm, 6 sq mm.


  • Price is slightly higher as compared to wires if brought offline.

2. Havells Lifeline Cable WHFFDNRA14X0 4 sq mm Wire (Red)

If you are looking for the best electrical wire for house wiring in India with top-notch construction, this would be a great option. As stated above, Havells is a reputed brand in the appliances as well as wiring industry, so choosing a wire cable from this is a great value for money. 

Since made using annealed copper, this 90 meters wire is ideal for economical space. This offers 0.013 amps leakage current and therefore you can operate all appliances with added safety. The best part is that Havells cables are ISO certified, making them the best house wiring cable in india


  • It lasts for a long since made of copper from the inside.
  • The wire is anti-rodent as well as anti-termite, so you can install it anywhere for home purposes.


  • The wire is too thin.

3. Polycab FR-LF PVC Insulated Copper Wire

Polycab is one of the well-known brands offering the Best electric wire for home in India. Electric cables, be it industrial wires or housing cables, all work efficiently since they are lead-free as well as oxygen-free. Also, they come with a PVC sheath that makes them long-lasting and durable. 

This copper wire contains premium quality padding that provides you with the utmost protection. Plus, these wires are safe from rodent or termite attack, as well as free from corrosion and resistance. 

Another thing that will amaze you about the wire is its waterproof and windproof capability, making them ideal for numerous tasks. 

This 90mm black wire is also easy to solder, cut, and peel, enabling the user to use without any hassle. It ensures having easy and safe usability, due to this, these wires have become the best electric wire for house in india.


  • Since it contains 21% of oxygen approximately, it ensures your safety with an oxygen index of 29%.
  • It is lead-free, anti-termite, and anti-rodent.

4. RADILITE Copper Wire with triple-layer PVC coating

RADILITE has gained immense popularity among Indian users because of providing the best wire for house wiring in india for domestic and industrial purposes. A wide range of quality wires by RADILITE allows you to make safe and accessible connections in your home, so you can run anything you want. 

This 2.50 mm, black copper wire is waterproof and windproof like the previous wire mentioned on the list, making them suitable to use for numerous tasks. For example, you can use this copper wire for electric device wiring, indoor lighting, or to make a lighting connection. 

The best part is that RADILITE wiring is tested as per BIS working standard, thus ensuring the safest use as well as being the Best electric wire for homes in India. Its multilayered PVC Insulation makes this wire capable to be last for a long. Additionally, it has an extra current capacity with no sparking and no overheating. Another notable thing about RADILITE copper wire is it is wind-proof and sunproof, which makes it ideal to install anywhere.


  • RADILITE itself is a prominent as well as a trusted brand.
  • This wire is lab safety and meets all safety standards.


  • Not found.

5. Polycab Eco-Friendly Green Wire

Another power cord on this list by Polycab, the only difference is it is completely eco-friendly. It is equipped with five-in-one Greenshield technology that offers you shock protection, fire safety, a lead & durable composition, and energy efficiency. This wire has a higher current carrying capacity, ensuring it will constantly perform under heavy current situations. 

With high purity electrolytic grade copper, it transfers a longer operations life and better performance, which makes it the best wire for house wiring india.  Since it possesses heat resistance capability, it can withstand 85 degrees Celsius. This quality gives makes it last longer and offers you better stability.

Moreover, this wire has a 2-layer construction with a disconnect colour-coded skin padding that ensures the integrity of the insulation. Like the previous Polycab wire mentioned on this list, this wire is lead-free and has high abrasion resistance, anti-rodent, and anti-termite too. Being environment-friendly makes it stand out as the Best electric wire for home in India.


  • Advanced methods are used to make this wire shiny and smooth.
  • It is the only eco-friendly wire on this list.
  • This wire is flame retardant, which means they stop the spread of flames and resist burning.


  • Still, most people are not sure about the quality of this wire.

Buying Guide – Things to keep in mind while choosing the best electric wire for house in india

Electrical cords and cables must be properly installed and sized to move the power supply and preserve electricity throughout your home. Before learning how to choose the Best electrical wire for your home in India, you should also know about the different types of electrical cables and wires. 

You will also need to decide whether you want to install power cables or electrical cords for your functions. In addition to this, you should also consider the number of aspects to make the right choice as choosing the right wire can be a daunting task. More than that, the wrong wire affects the functionality, ease of use, safety, and serviceability of the installation.  

With so many options available out there, it is hard to decide which is the best house wiring brands in india. To help you choose the best, we have prepared a comprehensive buying guide. The following information will introduce you to many aspects. Let’s dig into them:

Understand the difference – Electric wires versus Electric Cables

Wires are usually made of copper or aluminium and are either insulated or bare. In addition, they are covered in a thin layer of PVC to indicate whether the wire is a hot, neutral, or ground wire in your power project. 

Cables, on the other side, possess at least a ground wire, neutral wire, and hot wire that are bonded and twisted together. The cables may be installed in a group, depending on this objective. The wires in a cable are padded in their colour-coded layer of PVC. 

A. Types of Electric Wire

Wiring is quite difficult for a modern set-up and most traditional homes have similar types of wiring, which may not match local building codes. In such a situation, ask the electricians regarding the installation of new wiring, so that you can choose the Best electric wire for home in India. Different types of electric wire are available in the market. These include:

1. Underground Feeder (UF) Cable

UF stands for Underground Feeder, a common type of non-metallic cable that is designed for direct burial and wet locations underneath the land. UF cables are typically used for transferring outdoor connections, such as lampposts. It possesses neutral, insulated hot wires along with a bare copper ground wire, similar to NM cable. Due to its durable insulation, UF cable tends to be more costly than NM wire.

2. NM wire

Also known as Romex, NM wire is designed for indoor use only in dry areas. It includes more than one wire covered inside a protective plastic padding. NM wire usually possesses more than one hot sire, a ground wire, and a neutral wire. In general, NM wires run imperceptibly through the ceiling, walls, and floor cavities of the Indian household, making them the Best electric wire for homes in India. In a modern home, most light fixtures, and wiring in outlets are installed through NM cable.

3. Low Voltage Wire

Low Voltage wiring, as the name suggests, is used for circuit passage requiring less than 50 volts. Wiring like sprinkler system connections, speaker system wires, thermostat wires, and lighting wires falls under this category. However, these wires are usually smaller and tend to be cheaper than other household wires. These wires can be constructed of aluminium or copper and may possess cable padding or amalgamate in twisted pairs.

4. THHN and THWN

These wires are individual conductors, each with its colour-coded insulation. They are commonly used in areas like garages and basements.

5. Coaxial Cable 

Coaxial wires are jacketed, a round cable that features a copper conductor surrounded by a tubular conducting constructed of braided wire and covered by a tubular insulating layer. It is used to connect Television and cable service, thus making them the Best electric wire for home in India.

B. Flexibility

In order to choose the best wire for home wiring in india, you should also check the maximum flexibility of wire they offer. Different types of strings have different levels of flexibility. They can be classified as coarse-stranded wire, fine-stranded wire, and solid-core.

C. Size

The size of an electric wire depends on its length and thickness. Consider the current carrying capacity and the amount of current to settle on what gauge wire you require. 

D. Type of Wire Insulation

The type of wire insulation you will need will depend on the work environment of the assembly. The wire you choose can withstand heavy temperatures and heat, as extreme temperatures, exposure to UV, and the appearance of oils can impact durability as well as performance. The coating is another important consideration that can make wire easier to pull or push through a medium.

E. Copper versus Aluminum Wire

Copper can be expensive and heavy and is the most conductive metal, while aluminium is good for long-distance electrical applications where high voltages require. Aluminium wires are a satisfactory conductor that occupies a thicker gauge. Moreover, it is affordable, and lighter compared to copper wire, thus making them the Best electric wire for home in India.


Hopefully, the given information regarding the Best electric wire for home in India helps to choose the wires range that will work best for you.