Best High Speed Ceiling Fan 1400mm

[Top 5] Best High Speed Ceiling Fan 1400mm

Ceiling fans are quite a crucial element of the interior of every house. It not only provides fresh air to the people inside the room but also increases the appeal of the interior. So, you must know the considerations to get the best one.

When shopping for the Best High Speed Ceiling Fan 1400mm, you may find thousands of options in the market. However, choosing the perfect one is not as easy as you think.

So, an essential element that you need to keep in mind is to ensure that you get the best one by knowing every brief detail. If you clearly understand how to choose the perfect one, it will be easier to get the right one for your place.

Top 5 Best High Speed Ceiling Fan 1400mm 

To prepare the list given below, we have done proper research. In the research, we have talked to people to know which are the best brands and products in the market available regarding ceiling fans.

Also, experts’ reviews are taken into consideration for the preparation of this list. Therefore, if you want to know in detail about the Best High Speed Ceiling Fan 1400mm, and the reviews related to them, check out the details below.

1. Havells Nicola – Best Energy Saver

Havells Nicola is one of the best electronic bands in the world. It has been in the business for long years now, and when it comes to ceiling fans, it provides a wide variety. You can get the best fans from Havells within a meager budget.

Havells Nicola is among the best high speed ceiling fan 1400 mm in the market. It is pretty popular due to its sleek design and contemporary look. It comes along with a down-rod mounting, and it is considered to be highly suitable for indoor usage.

You can get stunning color combinations, and the blood has a two-year warranty. It consumes energy of only 78 watts, and the package will include a fan, motor, and bloodshed. The origin country is India itself so you will get abundant options.

The aerodynamic design of the blade is made to provide heavy-duty functionality. The superior quality of the motor makes sure that you get freshness with every breeze. Circulation makes sure that every corner of the room gets air properly.


  • Provide a sleek and elegant design to your home.
  • Have decorative trim working functionally and enhancing design.
  • Provide superior air quality.
  • Incredible metallic finish design.


  • It does not have any significant drawbacks but sometimes may look too traditional.

2. Havells Pacer – Best In Simplicity

Another exquisite ceiling fan comes from the famous Indian brand Havells. It is a corded electric ceiling fan and is highly suitable for dining and living rooms. The package includes one fan motor, a canopy set, and a twisted wire.

It is highly suitable for indoor usage, and the color which is highly popular among the people is brown. It has double ball bearings, ensuring the fan has a long life. It provides you with excellent performance at low voltage.

Power consumption is just 70 to watch, and the product has two years of warranty. The eye-catching design ensures you do not feel too old by installing this ceiling fan. Also, it is added to the list of the Best High Speed Ceiling Fan 1400mm because of its 400 rpm speed.

Provide optimum low voltage performance with a long-lasting paint finish, making it one of the best ceiling fans. The twin, can you please ensure that you stay free of any electric wiring outside the walls.


  • Suitable for low-budget purchases
  • Sales a lot of energy
  • Double bearing provides longer life
  • Low voltage performance
  • Highly ideal for modern interiors


  • The single color may sometimes feel too old, but otherwise, the fan is excellent.

3. Atomberg Renesa – Best In Technology

If you are a fan of highly advanced technology and want to buy the Best High Speed Ceiling Fan 1400mm, then this ceiling fan is the ideal choice. The atomberg renesa is an item produced by the company atomberg, and it is one of the best high-speed ceiling fans 1400mm.

It is one of the best energy savers and highly advanced technology-driven ceiling fans in the market. You can save up to Rs.1500 on your electricity bill yearly; the output parameters are like average ceiling fans.

It is very well known among the people and the sellers of this product by intelligent fans. You get a remote control along with the ceiling fan, which you can use to turn on the fan or increase and decrease the speed.

There are multiple LEDs installed into the fan that let you know about the speed. It runs three times longer than regular fans when made to work on the inverters. It also has received awards from the United Nations and the government of India.


  • Very convenient and easy to operate
  • It gives you a taste of modern technology
  • Consume 65% less energy than other regular fans
  • The use of the atomsense algorithm makes it even better


  • It is of the best ceiling fans today but can be expensive for an ordinary person.

4. Havells Fusion – Best In Design

Havells Fusion is also the best high speed ceiling fan 1400 mm in the market due to its sleek design and energy-efficient working. As a famous brand, it has been selling many units yearly. Like every other fan of Havells, it has a sleek metallic paint finish.

Provide you with a very optimum performance with low energy consumption as it comes with a double ball bearing system. It rotates at a speed of 300 rpm delivering air at 280cmm.

The decorative design over the motor and the blade makes it suitable for office and home use. Moreover, it is available at a very affordable price, making me suitable for every class of society.


  • It can fit in with modern interiors due to its highly advanced design.
  • A high-power motor is an additional performance provider
  • It has an optimum blade length delivering a year to every room corner.


  • Unlike other perfect ceiling fans, it is a little bit less effective in providing air in all rooms smaller than 12’ x 12’.

5. Havells SS 390 – Perfect For Home

If you are a big fan of the Havells when purchasing ceiling fans, perhaps you should go with its SS 390 ceiling fan. It has a sleek metallic finish giving you a perfect look at your house.

In addition, the air delivery can be even more than 270 m3/minute, which is incredible.

The power consumption in the Havells SS 390 is just 50 words, making it an ideal choice for people who want to save energy. It is pretty easy to install, and you can easily clean it. It is one of the most energy-efficient fans out on the market.

You can use it for your office or home as the design is entirely domestic and professional. It also comes with twin canopies, ensuring it remains free of disturbing noises.

The quick spinning mechanism makes it efficient compared to the other fans available on the market.

In addition, the long-lasting paint finish ensures that the ceiling fan remains new for years. It can also handle variation in the current flow.


  • The voltage handling mechanism makes it an excellent choice
  • More comprehensive tips on the blade make sure that your circulation is adequate.
  • It can operate over the voltage range of 220 to 240 volts.
  • Suitable almost for every place.


  • Almost the perfect choice to make, but aerodynamics are somehow compromised in design.

7 Crucial Factors To Consider While Choosing The Best High Speed Ceiling Fan 1400mm

Ceiling fans are very crucial for every house and office. However, regardless of the purpose for which you purchase the Best High Speed Ceiling Fan 1400mm, you need to ensure that it comes from the best brand and is of high-end quality.

Buying the best one could sometimes be a complicated task. So, a few of the essential considerations can be very helpful in getting the best ceiling fan from the market. Then, you can consider the below-given points to find the right one according to your place.

1. Consider Your Budget

When you are out in the market for purchasing a ceiling fan, always make sure to plan a budget first. Without the appropriate budget, you will never be able to get the best model and the best brand.

There are plenty of options available, and you will get a wide variety of options in the market regarding ceiling fans. When you have a preferred budget, you can shortlist the fans you can purchase and those you cannot. It makes the process sophisticated.

2. Measure Room Dimensions

Always prefer to measure the size of the room when you want to get the best high speed ceiling fan 1400mm. It is because the size of the room and its dimension affects the amount of air you get in every corner a lot.

So, before you go to the market to purchase the ceiling fan, make sure to measure your room. It will help me to purchase the ideal ceiling fan for your room according to dimensions so that you can get the best air quality on all sides.

3. Electricity Consumption

Different fans have different energy consumption; nowadays, they also come with energy-saving ratings. So, it is always the best option to go with the fans, which consume the least energy used daily.

So, it is also quite crucial for you to make sure to check the energy consumption of the ceiling fan you want to purchase. Compare different ceiling fans in terms of their energy consumption, which will make it very sophisticated for you to buy the right one.

4. Maintenance Charges

Charges for maintenance and repair are also quite crucial if you want the best ceiling fan. Unfortunately, a few brands in the market are not repairable by the local mechanics. Although you are not advised to go with such fans, you can consider them for a low budget.

5. Design and Style

There are multiple styles of ceiling fans available in the market. A few come with the hanging lights, while others are simple and sleek in design. If you have a high budget, you can go with the one with hanging lights, which looks very iconic.

On the contrary, if you are planning to purchase a ceiling fan under a low budget, perhaps going with the sophisticated design is ideal for you.

6. Type Of Area

The type of area for which you require the Best High Speed Ceiling Fan 1400mm also affects your choice to a large extent. For example, outdoors, you must purchase a ceiling fan that can provide you here to a definite extent; therefore, the blade size needs to be smaller.

In contrast, you need to purchase a longer blade ceiling fan if you are purchasing it for your confined area. For instance, if you want to install a ceiling fan in a moderate-sized room, purchase the best highspeed ceiling fan 1400mm.

7. Warranty Period

The warranty period you get along with the ceiling fan is also crucial. Regrettably, you will come across many ceiling fan options in the market that do not come along with the warranty period; therefore, you have to get them repaired at your own cost.

However, purchasing some trendy and good brands can give you an extended warranty of up to 2 years. During this period, you will not be responsible for any repairs to the fan you buy.

Final words

Getting the best high speed ceiling fan 1400mm ensures you get the best quality air in all the corners of your room. So, it would help if you always considered all the crucial factors and then decided wisely.

You can also consider the products we have recommended in this post. Also, ceiling fans are quite an essential part of our house and office, and therefore, any recklessness is not an ideal thing to exercise.